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About Us

A small family business who started with local orders in our small town in North East Scotland from our garden. 

Our dream / ideas have now grown into a small business with high demand for our products now nationwide much to our delight and surprise!

From starting projects whilst on maternity leave as a hobby to my partner leaving his business behind to focus on this one as demand increased whilst still working from our own garden. Just before Lockdown hit, we decided to start an Etsy store ( the timing was coincidental) - we then found a huge demand increase, especially for those looking for a home / garden bar and items to go with it. 

My brother then got involved due to things changing with his work at the same time due to restrictions and from there we eventually moved into a small workshop (I'm not sure our neighbours were going to be too happy for much longer with the power tools running as much!)

Initially, we were hiring a van and building and delivering around the UK ourselves approx. once every few weeks when we had a "full load". As we became busier, this was no longer viable sadly and we decided that we had to look at using a courier to transport and deliver our goods in order for us to concentrate more on the building. We have the odd extra pair of hands helping out, however in the main, it's only the 3 of us. (as well as our 2 and 4 year old who you may see around our workshop in photos we share from time to time!)

Myself - Amanda, (It will probably be me you "speak" to when sending any messages :) - hello! 

My Partner - Mike

My Brother - Alan

Both guys are the "grafters" behind the scenes doing all the hard work!

We do not claim to be master carpenters /joiners but built from hobbies and experience in various hands-on trades and study. We have learnt along the way and developed our products through our experience in an organic way,  as well as now having built over 1000 + of our products, we have lots of experience behind us. 

We are truly grateful to be doing what we love every day to make a living and love seeing our pieces in your own homes and gardens and the way they can all be uniquely styled to suit you.

The great thing about our products is that they are very versatile. They can be used outdoors or indoors and stained/ painted or left with the natural rustic look for a whole range of looks to suit different styles , we just love to see!

Thanks for all who have supported us so far and for to all visitors and future customers ! We are hugely grateful :)

About Us: About Us
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