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Our Return Policy

Everything You Need to Know

Bespoke Items:

We are happy to undertake work which may include bespoke or unusual design or sizing from our 'standard' products. Please be aware that such commissions are made on the agreement that they cannot be returned to us. We can send photos of completed bespoke items to you before sending for a final approval from you however this must be requested in advance.

You agree to take responsibility that you have checked that you have suitable access into your property / the desired space for any products you order from us, as items cannot be returned for access reasons due to items not fitting.

Where sizes are specified by the customer, these are assumed to be the total dimensions to be made, which will include any fixtures or fittings which are to be added to any product or design (unless specified otherwise by customer). Items may vary VERY slightly from time to time due to the organic building process and one-off design. This means that a few centimetres leeway over/under is accepted so please let us know if any space is extremely tight for access or placing the product. We of course aim to always be precise as possible.

With bespoke items, the design is a “one off” and therefore not “tried and tested”. If for example a table is made at measurements stated by you and is slightly more “off balance” due to these sizes, we cannot be held responsible for this if it was made to measurements that you have provided. 


For any undamaged product that you are unsatisfied with, simply contact us to arrange a return with its included accessories and packaging along with the original receipt (or gift receipt)if appropriate, within 14 days of the date you receive the product, and we will exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method. FOR ANY ITEMS THAT ARRIVED ON A PALLET / LARGE ITEMS THAT ARE NOT DAMAGED A COLLECTION FEE WILL BE CHARGED – THIS FEE IS £50 PER PALLET. You will be sent an invoice to cover this cost prior to collection OR the amount can be deducted from the total amount to be refunded.

Please see notes on collection procedures below.

Damaged Products/ Missing Items – please ensure that you take a photograph and note this on the delivery note when the pallet /package is delivered for larger items. This could mean unwrapping the product from the packaging to check it over on delivery before signing the delivery note. The driver is required to wait up to a maximum of 15 minutes for this to be done. Refunds / Exchanges for damaged products can only be processed if it can be shown that the product was damaged on receipt. The courier will therefore have this note on their system which we can use as proof and if there is any obvious damage to the packaging on delivery – please ensure this is also photographed. Please contact us ASAP after delivery to inform us of these damages as well as sending us any proof that you have – this allows us also to make a claim with the courier if applicable. We will then arrange with you if you would prefer a refund or an exchange or replacement parts sent.

In the event of an exchange, it can take up to 21 days to exchange the product due to the fact that our items are all handmade to order. We of course, will always strive to have this complete sooner and aim to wherever possible within 7-10 days to allow us time to build a replacement and arrange collection and delivery.

If a refund is preferred, we will arrange this within 14 days from the date we are made aware by you. Notice MUST be given to us within 14 days of receipt of your product. A refund can only be offered if the product is returned to us in the same state that it arrived to you (even if damaged)  Please note, we cannot offer refunds without the return of the product meaning that the collection procedure is required. Please see information below regarding collections.

Replacement parts – If your order is missing a part or an “extra” that you had added to your order i.e.. an ice bucket on a bar , or set of LEDs etc. or if there is a small part of the product which has minimal damage, please contact us ASAP after delivery. AGAIN, WHEREVER POSSIBLE – PLEASE NOTE THIS ON THE DELIVERY NOTE FOR LARGE ITEMS and photograph where possible. If you would be happy for us to send replacement parts – please contact us ASAP. This can often be simplest way to fix any minor issues and avoid the inconvenience to you of arranging a collection and re-delivery etc. We can send replacement small parts generally through Parcelforce (Depending on the item) and arrange for a signature on delivery. Where the replacement part is of part of the structure of the product i.e. a spar of wood on a bar, we will send necessary “bits” and / or screws required to take off the damaged part and replace with the new one. We do not take responsibility for any workmanship or damage or injury to the product and /or person/s involved should you wish to choose this option and complete the work yourself or by someone you know/ hire. You therefore choose to take on this responsibility by choosing this option and should ensure that the person arranged to complete any such work is knowledgeable /skilled to do so. We may require measurements to be sent for pieces of wood or small parts due to everything being handmade and unique. Although we use standard sizing for our “main” products, very slight differences can occur along with differences in thickness of the wood. Although every care is given to represent the measurements provided in this case, some slight alternations may be required due to how accurate the given measurements were.


The collection method will be the same as the delivery method for large items – i.e. goods  will be collected on a pallet via a pallet network in a similar way to it was delivered to you. This means that to return the item, it MUST BE SECURED ONTO A PALLET without overhanging the edges of the pallet, in a similar way to it was received AND without any damage to the product (apart from any damages that have already been reported if it was damaged on delivery). It MUST also be protected with either original packaging if possible or something similar wherever possible in order to prevent damages in transit. Collection will be arranged with you on the most convenient day where possible – please note collection and deliveries are weekdays ONLY unless a £65 premium is paid to arrange a Saturday collection/delivery. This is the courier’s flat charge and operating hours, we in no way profit from this transaction. When a collection is requested, we cannot GUARANTEE the date, only request it with the courier service and therefore cannot be held responsible for any delays or inconvenience such as wasted time off work, however the majority are on time. We also do NOT get given a timeslot for the collection, it could therefore be any time between 7am – 7pm generally on the day requested. The item must therefore be ready for collection and either in place for the courier to collect or ready to be taken out to the courier on arrival. The courier will not enter your property or assist with lifting the item in general. They will collect as a “kerbside” service and will use the tools they have in order to load the pallet only if it is deemed as secure enough to do so.

When we receive a valid warranty claim for a product purchased from us, we will either repair the relevant defect or replace the product. If we are unable to repair or replace the product within a reasonable time, the customer will be entitled to a full refund upon the prompt return of the product to us. We will pay for shipment of repaired or replaced products to customer and customer will be responsible for return shipment of the product to us.

In addition, please note the following: (i) Products can be returned only in the country in which they were originally purchased;

We may, without prior notice, change the services; stop providing the services or any features of the services we offer; or create limits for the services. We may permanently or temporarily terminate or suspend access to the services without notice and liability for any reason, or for no reason.

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