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150cm Wooden Home/Garden Bar

150cm Wooden Home/Garden Bar

Our rustic wooden bars add a beautiful warmth to any space and can be painted / stained once received, just the way they are (or if you want a smoother finish, you may want to give a further sand depending on preference)  Any pictures on our listings showing bars that have been stained /coloured have been done so by the customer after receiving the item. We do not currently offer staining at the moment, however please get in touch if you'd struggle to yourself and would require this. 


Remember to also check out our many 5 star reviews 


Our products are made from new tanalised pre-treated timber suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The wood being tanalised (pressure treated) means that it has a treatment within it that prevents rot, fungus etc. and protects against the elements as it designed to be used for other things such as fencing etc. too. There may be a slight "tinge" to the wood when you first receive it as some wood seems to show the colour of the treatment more than others. This will settle and fade over time to become a more neutral and mellow colour. 


This lsiting is for a 5ft (150cm) (approx.) wide bar, (U shaped i.e. has 2 full sides and is not an L unless requested - we have a separate listing for L/corner bars) other sizes available on request. This includes shelves behind bar as shown in pictures (NOT THE WALL SHELVES, but THE SHELVES IN BUILT TO THE BAR BEHIND IT) . Again, this is fully customisable. 

Additional options also include sunken ice bucket, additional shelving , LED strip lights , counter top, glass racks, Personalised sign (by a very local business that we use) etc. as well as other customisation as required.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WITH THE LED LIGHT OPTION - These will NOT be affixed to the bar and will be provided with clips for you to choose the position and put in place yourself. This is due to too many damages to the lights in transit due to their fragile nature. (We have changed the price of this option to reflect this) DOES NOT INCLUDE FOOTRAIL. 


Please send us a message if you do not see the option/ combination of extras that you'd like and we can arrange this for you. 

We Also do package deals on our other shop listings. 

Please bear in mind that these bars are handmade and from timber suited for outdoors too. Therefore, there will always be slight variations and not be as smooth as a manufactured finish that you would get from a mass produced product that you would possibly purchase in a shop etc. Slight "imperfections" are all part of the character of these bars as they maintain a slight rustic feel, however not your average "pallet bar" and  they are built with care to ensure quality build. Some slight expansion and contraction of the wood is normal if left to the elements or in high heat so it is normal for some slight gaps to occur over time. Additional treatment and/or breatheable cover is advised if keeping outdoors or certainly further treatment if planning on keeping in area with high heat indoors. 

Please note that the price for delivery is higher due to the bar being FULLY ASSEMBLED and this is INCLUDED WITHIN OUR PRICES SHOWN for mainland UK, there are additional postage costs for those in remote areas, therefore please get in touch before ordering if you think this may be the case.  

Items are delivered on a pallet via Pallet courier and therefore will only be "kerbside delivery" meaning it will usually be dropped in your garden/drive way etc. For insurance purposes (that of the courier) they cannot enter property to assist in moving items in your home unfortunately. Therefore, please bear in mind that two people will be required to help move items once delivered fully assembled. 
(Some drivers are more helpful than others, some in the past have helped with moving the item to where it's required, others will not at all sadly ! For this reason we must state that this will not be possible due to the courier's actual rules.)

Due the bar being FULLY ASSEMBLED , We always recommend checking access spaces to ensure that the bar can be manoeuvred to where you'd like it to be placed. i.e. gates / doorways / narrow paths etc. can accommodate the bar being 71/73cm wide unless you let us know! These can be customised to suit narrower spaces as long as we are made aware. We will not accept returns /refund will not be offered etc.  unfortunately if the bar has been made at stated sizes but does not fit through somewhere that hasn't been measured or measured incorrectly, this is your responsibility so please do check, we always want our customers to be happy on arrival and not disappointed :)

Approx. standard dimensions: 

Height = 102-105cm high,   
Depth (including bar top overhang) = 72/73cm , 
Width :  5ft (150/155cm)  or BIGGER / custom on request.

Corner / L shaped and Hinged side bars are also available as separate listings on our shop as well as matching shelving , wall units, seating and "packages" . Please see full shop link at the bottom of this description. 


In the wetter months of the year, there is a possibility that the wood may be slightly damp to touch on delivery. This is down to the supplier storing wood outdoors in the timber yard and sometimes it can take a while to fully dry out in our cold workshop! Especially if we have recently had a delivery. We always try to minimise this where possible, but sometimes, due to limited amount of space and supplies at once,  unfortunately it cannot be helped unless we delay delivery by a longer period.PLEASE CHECK THIS BEFORE PLACING ON CARPET OR FLOORING THAT MAY STAIN if damp. Please ask us for any more info should you require before purchase.)


Many thanks for looking.

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