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Pair of Rustic Planters / Veg boxes /Play boxes

Pair of Rustic Planters / Veg boxes /Play boxes

This listing will include a pair of planters at the selected size. (if you require a single one on its own please get in touch).
Therefore the prices shown will be for 2 Planters. 


These rustic planters come with slatted gapped base for drainage.
Lining will be required before adding soil ( this is not included).

These are perfect raised planters to create a statement border to a space or add some greenery to your surroundings.

These can also be used as "Play boxes" for children if adding in some trays. Sand / water and toys can then be added as desired for an area for the little ones to have fun. Underneath can then be used to store outdoor toys etc. Another possibility would be to add a hinged/lift off  lid and use these as closed storage boxes when not in use for other purposes. Please let us know if this is something that woild interest you as this would be a first in this style for us therefore we have no pictures at the moment. 


Approx dimensions of the planters in the picture 170cm wide x 40cm deep x 50cm high.


Smaller planters are also available. If your desired size is not on the drop down list please get in touch as these are handmade to order.

Made from tanalised ( pressure treated) timber which is designed for outdoor use and pre treated to protect against rot, fungus, mould etc. These are also suitable for staining, oiling or adding further treatment to ensure maximum protection.

 There may be a slight "tinge" to the wood when you first receive it as some wood seems to show the colour of the treatment more than others. ( the pictured one was also a little wet when pictures were taken as it had been raining previous to this).This will settle and fade over time to become a more neutral and mellow colour. Timber used is FSC certified. 

Please bear in mind that these planters are handmade and from timber suited for outdoors (Tanalised). Therefore, there will always be slight variations in colour and will not be as smooth as a manufactured finish that you would get from a mass produced product that you would possibly purchase in a shop etc. Slight "imperfections" are all part of the character of these products as they maintain a slight rustic feel, however not your average "pallet" product either and  they are built with care to ensure quality build. 
These are also heavy items and 2 people at least will be required to lift these when empty. As mentioned previously, further treatment can also be added and should be maintained just as any outdoor wooden furniture. Some slight expansion and contraction of the wood is normal if left to the elements or in high heat so it is normal for some slight gaps to occur over time.

The price for delivery is higher due to the planters being FULLY BUILT and large /heavy and this is INCLUDED in prices shown.  Additional postage costs for Highlands /Islands, please enquire. Unfortunately we can no longer deliver to Northern Ireland, any orders placed in error will therefore subsequently be cancelled and refunded. 

These products will weather nicely left just as they are if you like to keep the rustic , natural look. Our products are not "super smooth" like you would buy in a mainstream shop, this is part of the character and how they are designed. We do however give these a light sand with low grit sand paper and always do our best to ensure there are no sharp edges however over the main bosy and top trims. If you require a smoother finish, higher grit sanding is advised once received or alternatively looking at a product which is using different materials. After over 1000+ sales, many people happily have our products displayed in both their garden areas and homes.

Items are delivered on a pallet via Pallet courier and therefore will only be "kerbside delivery" meaning it will usually be dropped in your garden/drive way etc. For insurance purposes (that of the courier) they cannot enter property to assist with moving items in your home / property unfortunately. Therefore, please bear in mind that at least two able people will be required to help move items once delivered fully assembled. 
(Some drivers are more helpful than others, some in the past have helped with moving the item to where it's required, others will not at all sadly ! For this reason we must state that this will not be possible due to the courier's actual rules.) The products will be wrapped in bubble wrap, shrink wrap and strapped onto a pallet and delivered with a large Lorry. Please let us know in advance if you have limited access and a van is required for delivery as this has to be arranged prior to booking delivery. If the driver cannot access the property due to not arranging suitable mode of transport in advance, you may be charged a re-delivery fee of £30. Deliveries are made Mon-Fri only and we will always be in touch with you before sending your order to ensure it suits you. 

In the wetter months of the year, there is a possibility that the wood may be slightly damp to touch on delivery. This is down to the supplier storing wood outdoors in the timber yard and sometimes it can take a while to fully dry out in our cold workshop! Especially if we have recently had a delivery. We always try to minimise this where possible, but sometimes, due to limited amount of space and supplies at once,  unfortunately it cannot be helped unless we delay delivery by a longer period.PLEASE CHECK THIS BEFORE PLACING ON CARPET OR FLOORING THAT MAY STAIN if damp. Please ask us for any more info should you require before purchase.)

Many thanks for looking. 
If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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